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Ranking & Matchmaking system

In Octo, players are not just competing for fun, but also for rewards. Each game within the Octo platform has its own unique ranking system, allowing players to track their progress and compare themselves against others.
The ranking system is based on SP (SeaPoints) , which are earned every time a player wins a game. These points determine the player’s league, starting from Seashell and ending at Kraken. One of the key features of the Octo matchmaking system is that players can lose SeaPoints (SP), but not the rank you obtained.
This means that even if they experience a losing streak, they won’t drop down their Rank and will always have a clear measure of their progress through SP. This encourages players to keep playing, practicing and improving their skills, as they will always see their progress reflected in the ranking system.
Reaching the highest league, Kraken, is a major milestone for Octo players. Not only does it showcase their skills, but it also comes with a reward.
When a player reaches Kraken in a particular game, they will receive a certain amount of $OTK, the native token of the Octo platform. This incentivizes players to strive for the highest level of performance, making Octo a fun, competitive, and rewarding platform for gamers.
Overall, the Octo matchmaking and ranking system is designed to be both fair and rewarding. It ensures that players are always competing against similarly skilled players, while also offering a clear path for growth and rewards for those who perform at the highest level.
Whether you’re a casual gamer or a competitive player, Octo provides an enjoyable and challenging experience for all.

NFT Additional XP

According to your rank, you will get specific advantages.
First of all, the amount of XP your Octo NFT gets after each game is improved. Several advantages will be given step by step according the Octo NFTs ranks and players.