XP system, Levels & Points

Play & cumulate experience

The player can improve his Octo NFT by accumulating XP points by playing. Once his XP bar is full, user can level up his Octo by paying in OCTOKN.

In order to cumulate XP, the NFT must be selected for the game it is linked to.

Only one NFT can be selected per game.

Playing with a selected NFT without using the power gives XP. Summoning its power grants even more XP to the Octo NFT.

Daily quests can also grant XP to the Octo.

Levels & points

Once the XP bar is full, the player can pay in OCTOKN to level up the Octo NFT.

The NFT can pass up to 4 additional levels, each level being longer to reach rather than the previous one.

The maximum level of an Octo NFT is LVL 5 and the number of additional points allocated in the characteristics is 50. So each level grants 10 points.

Each allocation of points into an attribute is definitive.

Travel system also grants points.

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