🐶 Samoyedcoin - War of meme coins

Embody the characters of the most famous MemeCoins. Your mission is simple: choose your community and hit the other MemeCoins enemies with your weapon.

Each week, the least committed community will be replaced by another MemeCoins, so it's up to you to protect your faction.

To play, simply click on the screen to tap MemeCoins enemies. Beware of touching the MemeCoins evolutions protecting their faction, or you'll lose a life.

The use of emulators is allowed but not recommended. Octo is not responsible for any technical problems or losses related to your account for players using emulators. Octo is designed to run on mobile devices only. Rooted devices will be banned automatically. Any suspicious behavior on the application will be reviewed and sanctioned if needed.

Samoyedcoin: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/samoyedcoin/

X announcement: https://twitter.com/Octo8gaming/status/1675883093478047747

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