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Score & Earn, Play & Earn

Octo Gaming is releasing several competitive games directly through its flagship application available on the App Store and the Play Store. It allows millions of players to play hypercasual games for free and earn tokens & real life prizes without having to invest capital upfront to access to the games.
Octo Gaming's vision is to allow anyone to play games on the app and get rewarded based on their skills and commitment.

Conquer the Leaderboard with Your Score

OCTO's tokenomics is based on a weekly Leaderboard and players are rewarded with a cryptocurrency tokens, called OCTOKN. The amount of OCTOKN they receive depends on their rank in the Leaderboard, at the end of the week.
Every week, the Leaderboard is based on a specific game in the app and the scores are reinitialized.
The leaderboard is linked to an auto-sufficient Liquidity Pool, alimented by in-app player spendings, which will be given back to players.
Therefore, this pool rewards players according to their skills and commitment, instead of investment prerequisites.
This model becomes more and more viable depending on the number of players.
Player's spendings in the app does not necessarily imply more financial gain, but improves the chances of being better ranked in the leaderboard and therefore getting a larger % of the general pool.
So, players are encouraged to invest into the app to increase their chances of ranking higher but not investing is not a barrier to play and earn tokens .
The integration of NFTs allows additional Game Fi mechanics as well as another source of valuation for the players.
More than any other Play to Earn system, OCTO's tokenomics model makes it possible to capitalize on a growing number of players, non-inflation of the fixed supply of fungible on the market, and games under the freemium model. It allows everyone to have fun and monetize their time playing video games.

Play & earn model

Every time users play games to get the highest score and be ranked in the Leaderboard, they also participate to the play & earn model of Octo Gaming. Indeed, for each game on OCTO, players are matched against an opponent who choses to bet the same amount of points on the same game. The winner of this 1V1 will earn the points at stake.
So while playing to score and to be ranked in the Leaderboard, users bet on their own victory and can accumulate a maximum of points depending of their wins.
Players can then convert their points into prizes offered by our brand partners and all this for free. They can get physical goods such as computers, gaming keyboards, candies, streetwear and many more, offered by our brand partners such as Logitech, Lenovo, DXRacer, Andaseat, Prozis, Gamerzclass, X-Gamer and others.

2 Ways To Win, 2 Ways to Earn

By playing games on the OCTO app, users can earn tokens through the Score to Earn model and physical goods through the Play & Earn model.
Octo Gaming is creating the first healthy, scalable and sustainable model for players looking to monetize their time spent playing video games.