🦖Claynosaurz - Clayscape

Clayscape is a 3D reverse runner game, with the camera positioned in front of the main character.

The objective of the game is to run as far as possible, avoiding obstacles and collecting clayx for points.

The game is set in four different environments: Jungle, Plain, Desert, and Mountains.

Each environment has its own unique obstacles and challenges that you must overcome to advance in the game.

The further you progress, the faster the game becomes, increasing the difficulty level.

Score System

The score is based on the distance traveled in the game, with each meter traveled earning you one point, and blue clay earns you an additional five points.

You can also collect clay to boost your score. Gold clay makes you invincible for five seconds.

Green clay replenishes one heart from your health bar.

Collect as many clay as possible to increase your score and stay in the game for longer

Health Bar

The health bar is composed of three hearts, and each time you collide with an obstacle or take damage, you lose one heart.

Once all three hearts are depleted, the game is over.

To avoid losing hearts, you must be alert and react quickly to obstacles.

So make sure to avoid those obstacles and collect those green clayx to stay in the game as long as possible!

Special Claynos : Boss Battles

Clayscape is composed of four bosses, each inspired by the special Claynos of the collection.

To defeat a boss, you must collect bones on the three lines while avoiding obstacles.

The more bones you collect, the higher your score and the better chance you have of defeating the boss.

Defeating a boss grants additional points and adds to the excitement of the game.

Claynosaurz NFTs caméos

Claynosaurz is an collection of 10.000 animated NFTs, and players can visualize multiple NFTs from the collection while playing Clayscape.

This feature adds an extra level of excitement to the game, as you may see your own NFT or other rare NFTs in the game world.

Get a Claynosaurz NFT here : https://magiceden.io/marketplace/claynosaurz

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