What is OCTOKN used for?

In-app benefits

OCTOKN will be used to:

  • Buy in-game powers (live and only for NFT holders)

  • Buy avatars (live)

  • Buy raffle tickets to get prizes

NFT Upgrades

Soon, OCTOKN will be required to pay for upgrading NFTs, following this list:

  • Octo NFT level up

  • Diamond NFT fusion

  • Chest unlock

  • Octo NFT mint

  • Octo NFT distributor additional turns

  • Premium stake

  • Cosmetics

  • Skins & avatars

Health Recharge

OCTOKN will be required to pay for recharging NFT power usage in-game.


  • Access DAO Guilds (live)

  • Access Telegram Whale group (live)

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