👀Why Octo?

The new era of Crypto and gaming is just starting, and owning an NFT is owning a part of its gameplay.

We believe that the aim of NFTs in games is to be game agnostic, meaning that NFTs from one game will be usable in another game, with adapted features.

Owning an NFT, linked to one game, should be usable in one or multiple other games, no matter if they are games from the same studio or from another studio.

That's why Octo Gaming will be working hard to create fun and interesting mechanics with its NFT on its own protocol, but also partner with other studios, NFT collections and games to have a cross usability of NFTs from one universe to the other.

Octo's ambition is to become the Gaming reference platform on Solana and EVM compatible chains, and bring mass market adoption to web 3.0 through their mobile gaming hub.

Octo will be part of a multiverse of original contents, and the company encourages projects having the same vision of interoperability to connect with us them.

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