Wallet FAQ

Can I use my same phantom wallet with Octo Wallet?

Yes, you can use the same seed phrase. You can also create a new wallet through Octo and sent only the funds you want into it.

Can I import my solana ledger wallet into Octo Wallet?

You cannot import your Solana Ledger wallet into Octo Wallet as Ledger uses a different derivation path.

Can I change the Derivation path within Octo Wallet?

Octo Wallet does not support multiple derivation paths.

Can I switch between devnet and mainnet within Octo Wallet?

You can only use to the Solana mainnet within Octo Wallet.

Can I send OTK or Sol from another chain than Solana into The octo wallet?

Octo Wallet only supports the Solana chain at the moment.

How can I send my Octo NFT from my Octo Wallet into another wallet?

This feature is not yet released, but you can export your Octo wallet seed phrase to a wallet that supports NFT interface, such as Phantom.

I sent acctidentally another SPL or NFT into my Octo wallet, how can I get it back?

You can export your seed phrase to another wallet, such as Phantom, and move these funds out of the Octo Wallet.

I imported my seed phrase from my phantom to the octo wallet but I can't see the balance and I know I do have funds.

Most likely, you hold these funds into another public key linked to your seed phrase. Octo wallet only display the default public key and not yet the other ones linked to your seed phrase. You can either transfert the funds to the default adress of your phantom wallet or create an octo wallet and transfer tthe funds into.

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