🎡Wheel of Fortune

With the Wheel of Fortune, Octo offers a daily chance for players to win exciting rewards.

As a premium subscriber or owner of an Octo NFT, you get the chances to turn the wheel of fortune twice every day for free, and have the chance to win a wide range of exciting rewards.

The wheel of fortune is a fun and thrilling way to add an extra layer of excitement to your Octo gaming experience.

Each spin of the wheel has the potential to bring you valuable rewards such as Golds, Gems, Avatars, and even OTK, providing endless opportunities to enhance your gaming journey.

Whether you're looking to collect avatars or upgrade your Octo experience with premium content, the Wheel of Fortune offers a unique and interactive way to earn rewards.

The randomized nature of the rewards makes each spin a fresh and exciting experience, and with two spins a day, players are always just a spin away from winning big.

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