🦉 Elixir Ovols - Flaplab

Embody an NFT from the famous Elixir: Ovols collection. Your mission is simple: fly your character as far as possible in the laboratory to beat your opponent.

To play, simply tap on the screen to make your character fly while avoiding the pipes.

NFT power: get an Octo NFT to unlock the power, a protective shield which activates when you die and protects you from the pipes for a certain period of time. IMPORTANT: this power is automatically activated in-game at death, so there's no need to trigger it in-game.

The use of emulators is allowed but not recommended. Octo is not responsible for any technical problems or losses related to your account for players using emulators. Octo is designed to run on mobile devices only. Rooted devices will be banned automatically. Any suspicious behavior on the application will be reviewed and sanctioned if needed.

NFT collection: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/elixir_ovols

X announcement: https://twitter.com/Octo8gaming/status/1680956907710717956

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