How to Import a wallet on Octo?

The Octo Wallet allows users to generate a brand new wallet or import an existing one through a 12-words seed phrase. This means that users can easily transfer their assets from other wallets to the Octo Wallet within just a few simple steps.

The Octo Wallet will support at launch not only SOL, but also $OTK and The Octos NFTs. The wallet plan to add more tokens and NFTs from partners in the future

How to Import a wallet on Octo?

1) Click on "Import an existing wallet". Be ready to enter your seed phrase in the process.

2) Set your pin code for security

3) Confirm the pin code you previously entered

4) Enter your 12 seed-words correctly and in the right order, then click on "Import wallet".

5) If you entered properly your 12 words, you will arrive on this screen. Wait few seconds.

6) Congrats, your wallet is successfully imported! Click on "Next" to visualize your wallet home page.

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