Securise your wallet : Your keys, your coins

The secure option allows you to export and save your seed phrase, it is really important to do it in order to save your funds and access them using another wallet, or to be safe in case of app uninstall or crash.

Octo Gaming can't be responsible & can't assist you in case you did not secure your wallet, as we don't have access to the funds of your wallet.

1) On your wallet Home Page, click on Secure the wallet

2) Save somewhere safe your seed phrase. Anyone having access to these words will have access to your funds. In case something happen to your phone or your app, this phrase will be required to get back access to your funds. Octo Gaming does not have access to this seed phrase, and can't help you recover it if you lose it.

3) To make sure you properly wrote your seed phrase, you need to drag and drop in the correct order your 12 seed-words. Then, click on "Confirm" and your wallet is now safe to deposit funds on!

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