Send & receive Tokens on Octo

Receive crypto into your Octo wallet

To credit your Octo wallet with Solana or OTK, you can either use the copy function of your Public Key or make a scan of your QR code, which is the exact same information but just in a QR code format.

1) Click on "Receive", a popup will appear.

2) In this popup, you can copy your Public Key to your clipboard or share it directly to someone else through other apps. Your can also scan this QR code with a camera, which contains your Public key.

Due to the fast settlement of the Solana blockchain, your funds will be credited quickly. To refresh your balance, simply go to another tab and comeback.

Send crypto from your Octo wallet to another

To perform this transaction, you will need a sufficient amount of SOL tokens to pay the network fees, and a sufficient amount of what you are looking to send.

  • Click on the send button

  • Select the currency you want to send. You need a minimum of SOL to perform the transaction.

  • Fill the receiver public key or scan it using its QR code

  • Fill the transaction informations (currency, amount worth in USD or the currency amount itself)

  • Check if everything you filled is correct, and slide the bottom button left to right to validate the transaction

  • Wait a bit, the transaction is occuring.

  • Congratulation, the transaction went through the blockchain! Click on "Back to my wallet" to return Home.

We recommend you to always make a transaction test of a small portion of what you are going to send, in order to be sure that the receiving address you filled is correct. It's simply good practice.

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