🪙OTK integration in app/game

(soon) Leaderboards with $OTK entry fees:

To access premium leaderboards with premium rewards, players will have to buy $OTK on the market to enter the game of the week leaderboard.

A specific algorithm will be developed to ensure that more $OTK will be purchased than given to players. All the extra tokens collected by Octo will be burned.

(soon) Octo in-game assets inventory:

Users will be able to access in-app an in-game assets inventor, purchasable in $OTK to get in-game characters, in-game backgrounds and other assets

(soon) $OTK in game integration:

On Octo, different types of games are developed, from hypercasual games to hybrid casual onces. On longer games (hybrid casual), people will be able enter against a small amount of $OTK and win some while playing, with the objective to collect more $OTK that the amount spent to enter the game. The integration of $OTK in-game to win while playing will increase retention, playing time and $OTK usage.

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